Lidu Winery - a National Treasure


According to the actual situation and demand of the winery, we have designed three modular areas, namely the comprehensive office center, the liquor production center and the cultural travel experience center. In the terms of design, the project combines the elegance of the Palace architecture of the Song Dynasty with the simplicity of modern factories, and the garden-style architectural layout is in harmony with the natural mountains.

The feature of this project is to realize the organic combination of liquor production and winery cultural tourism. By taking "Song" culture as the core, we have planned a number of immersive liquor culture tour routes, and launched cultural tourism products such as ancient winemaking workshops, brand cultural experience halls, Song Dynasty night banquets, and small museums,  which allow tourists to experience immersively the Lidu liquor culture in a all-rounded way that can meet the needs of tourists at different levels, thus enhancing the value of tourist experience and the added value of liquor products.

Project Overview:

  • This project is a key item of Nanchang city.

  • The project is located in Zhengjiashan Village, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

  • The project covers a total land area of 646 mu, with a total construction area of 539,000 square meters, a plot ratio (FAR) of 1.33, and a building density of 40.9%.

  • The project is plans to build a comprehensive Maotai-flavor liquor  production base with a brewing capacity of 13,000 tons.

Jiangxi Lidu Liquor Co., Ltd.
530,000 Square meters
Winery Architecture
Huahui Sichuan Center

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