Lishan Liquor Industry in Hainan


The layout and architecture of the project solidified the social culture and liquor culture, and deeply explored the cultural connotation of "The Charm of Li".

The project design highlights the importance of the culture of Li nationality, and fully reflects the enterprise culture by inheriting the traditional brewing technology of the Li nationality for hundreds of years, so that the origin of history can be flourished here. While maintaining harmony and unity with the environment, and ultimately realizing the interdependent relationship between culture and nature which is interrelated, and mutally fostering and promoting each other.

The project takes the local long history and culture as the theme, extracting the symbol of “Hercules”, a legend of Li, and a comprehensive architectural form of magnanimity is displayed in combination of exposition and sightseeing with a strong atmosphere of the times as the guide.

Project Overview:

  • The project is located in Taipo Industrial Park, Circular Economic Zone, Changjiang County, Hainan Province.

  • The project covers a total land area of 95 mu, with the total construction area of 76,000 square meters, the plot ratio (FAR) of 1.0, and the building density of 38.3%.

  • After the completion of the project, it will be a comprehensive industrial liquor production base with an annual output of 2,200 tons of liquor and packaging capacity of 1.8 million bottles.

Hainan Changjiang Lishan Liquor Brewing Co., Ltd.
110,000 Square meters
Winery Architecture
Huahui Sichuan Center

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