Jianke Quality Technology Service Center


Jianke Quality Technology Service Center ( Inspection and Testing Headquarters Building ) project is located in Zhonglou District of Changzhou City. The south side is Gangwu Road, the north side is planning land, the east side is the Yangtze River Road, and the west side is the chemical machinery road. The total land area of the base is 15,263 square meters, the volume rate is 4.0, the total building area is 85,000 square meters, and the building height is 100 meters.

The quality science and technology service center of Jianke Co., Ltd. (Inspection and Testing Headquarters Building) project covers supporting rooms such as scientific research laboratories, group offices, conference centers, product display areas, fitness centers, restaurants, parking garages and equipment. The design focuses on functional layout, fully considers the organic combination of the actual needs of each function, reasonably determines the spatial scale, and creates a healthy and comfortable working environment. The project implements the concept of green building sustainability, fully considers the long-term needs of the future development of Jianke Co., Ltd., and takes health 3.0 as the center, with six dimensions of wisdom, safety, low carbon, green energy saving, micro-city, environmental protection and high-performance materials to form the new building core design concept.

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85,000 Square meters
Green Architecture
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