Glodon Intelligent Building Product R&D and Industrialization Base


The project base is located in the north of Xi'an North Third Ring Viaduct. The urban traffic noise caused by the huge traffic flow is a problem that must be solved in the design. As the office space and the transition space between cities, the ecological atrium effectively improves the physical environment of the office space. At the same time, the vertical greening of the ecological atrium facing the urban interface is like a huge display window, which shows Glodon's practice case of 'green building and creating a better life' to the city.

Design adhering to shared thinking, from the city, architecture, people three levels to implement the 'green building, create a better life' project positioning. Based on the analysis of the regional climate characteristics of the project site and the analysis of the site environment, the design breaks the thinking of building and landscape separation, and integrates the scattered green area into a huge urban ecological atrium wrapped by buildings. It can not only control the appropriate temperature and humidity, but also make the office space and outdoor environment maintain a state of evergreen in four seasons.

Design Highlights:

Through BIMONE design collaborative platform, digital integrated design, digital lean construction and intelligent on-site management, the project ultimately maximizes the comprehensive benefits of the whole life cycle and creates high-performance green buildings.

Glodon Software Co., Ltd.
53,000 Square meters
Green Architecture
We Studio
Active House Award, 2021

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