Ningbo East New Town Core Block


The project, the south side of Baizhang East Road, the north side of Qingze Street, the east side of Shubo Road, and the west side of the planned bypass, is located in the core area of Ningbo East New Town. The total land area is 15,909 square meters.

Considering the open and diverse future lifestyle of the city, this project is intended to establish a mixed and diverse community with multiple functions such as business office, residential life, commercial facilities and service facilities. Therefore, the project creates a future living model through   different spaces.

Diverse and mixed: a place where work and life are mixed, and a variety of shared creative spaces.

Green and healthy: creating a green landscape axis and a green and healthy multi-dimensional three-dimensional garden.

Flexible space: a rich and dynamic urban leisure interface, a permeable space open to the city.

Ningbo East New Town Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd.
15,909 Square meters
Commercial Architecture
Huahui Ningbo Branch

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