Wenzhou Longwan New Town Wuyue Square


The project, positioned as class A shopping center, is located in the urban area of Wenzhou. This project covers the ground floor area of 100,000 square  meters and the underground floor area of 30,000 square meters.

The functions of this project mainly include commerce, supermarket, KTV, video games, entertainment, special catering, cinema and so on. The design adopts a  frame structure, and the commercial form is arranged flexibly. There is an  indoor-themed commercial pedestrian street inside the complex, with a height of five floors, and an enlarged atrium in the middle, through which the  corridor passes, and the space changes richly.

The  project is full of fashion elements, integrating shopping, leisure and entertainment, and parent-child interaction. After the completion, it will be a one-stop urban leisure complex, a new landmark for fashion consumption in the eastern part of the city, and a strong commercial engine for future urban   development.

Through digging deeply into the cultural of Wenzhou, extracting the elements of culture and symbols, extracted from 'Ou' embroidery, the style of 'Ou' embroidery is displayed on the architectural form through the technique of long and short needles, creating a shopping city with distinctive 'Ou' culture.

Seazen Holdings Co., Ltd.
100.000 Square meters
Commercial Architecture
Huahui Architecture Division I

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