Xinsheng Wentao Mansion


The project site of Xinsheng Wentao Mansion stretches south to Binwen Road, north to the Affiliated School of Education College of Zhejiang University, east to Xipu Road, and west to Binpu Road, with a total land area of 42,171 square meters. The total floor area is 232,592 square meters:147,592 square meters of ground area and 85,000 square meters of underground area. The project investment is about 900 million yuan. The project is a commercial complex which consists of commercial elements, office buildings, boutique hotels and so on. 

The design idea of this project comes from the story of dripping water which is like jade beads falling on a jade plate, converging into the river and eventually converging into the sea. Our project is like a golden plate, and the membrane structure sunshade on the pedestrian street is a cluster of crystal jade beads. The surging flow of people converging on the pedestrian street, the world interconnecting and the wealth flowing at the speed of light is in line with the Qiantang River culture, showing unique and wonderful international charm. 

Baijiang District, Hangzhou
232,592 square meters
Commercial Architecture
Hangzhou Yihong Branch, We Studio

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