Grand Dongshan View Resort Hotel


Grand Dongshan View, originated from the Eastern Jin Dynasty Xie An's description of ' Blending in mountains and rivers to obtain 'true fun', cherishing the great view of the world ', sitting 40,002 square meters privately enjoying Dongshan Lake, is located in the birthplace of the road of Tang poetry in eastern Zhejiang, the source of the world's blue porcelain Shaoxing Shangyu, according to Xie An Dongshan rise again. Buildings rely on mountains and rivers, take advantage of the scenery, a crowd of lakes and mountains into view. Hotel building interpretation of Jiangnan smoke and rain and Chinese aesthetics, pavilions, pine and green bamboo landscape fusion landscape, nearly 150 kinds of landscape guest room area from 54 square meters to 300 square meters, luxurious introverted, let people rest in the room.

Shaoxing Shangyu Dongshanhu Sports Leisure Co., Ltd.
36,000 Square meters
Hotel Architecture
We Studio

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