Ahn Luh Lanting Shaoxing


Ahn Luh Lanting Shaoxing is an important part of Kuaiji Mountain Tourist Resort. After the completion of this project, it is a high-end tourist resort and leisure hotel with functions of vacation and leisure, sightseeing, and visiting ancient dynasties. In the face of such a beautiful environment and such exquisite ancient buildings, we know that all the imitations of tradition are difficult to reach the level of the ancients. From the experience at home and abroad, none of the truly viable buildings is a complete imitation and imitation of the previous template. Therefore, we adopt the design strategy is: respect tradition, reflect contemporary.

In the single design, we retain the original state of the ancient buildings, including the type, material and details. Only in accordance with the current functional requirements, we make some internal modifications, so that it cannot only maintain the original architectural charm, but also meet the current use function. In the facade processing is also ' repair as old', continuation of the classical form of ancient architecture with Chinese characteristics, the use of white wall, brick, deva, stone window and other elements, try to maintain the original state of ancient architecture.

Due to the reasons of the times and materials, some functions are difficult to put into the original ancient buildings. In the expansion and construction, we will try to return to the new part of the ancient building to a later level, the volume is mainly low-rise, become the background and lining of ancient buildings; in terms of the use of materials and design methods, contemporary methods are directly used. More importantly, the combination of materials and light is used, and landscape means such as pools and greening are used to virtualize the expansion part, so that it will not affect the original charm of ancient buildings. 

The new building adopts the contemporary design technique completely, pays attention to the position of buildings in the mountains, as well as the balance of height, material and volume with adjacent buildings, so that it has Chinese architectural charm and contemporary characteristics.

Qinsen Shaoxing Cultural Tourism Group
Hotel Architecture
We Studio
Qianjiang Cup First Prize
Architecture Master Prize , 2020

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