Lu Xun's Native Phase II- Xianheng Xintiandi


Xianheng Xintiandi is the first thematic cultural hotel with Lu Xun's culture as the theme in China. It is also another name card of urban tourism culture created by Xianheng Hotel and Shaoxing Municipal Government. The project is located as a five-star hotel, and its main functions are catering, guest rooms, leisure facilities and leisure commerce. The overall construction area is 73,888 square meters, including 48,012 square meters above ground and 25,876 square meters below ground. Frame structure, underground layer, the highest four floors. After the completion of a wide range of social and government praise, making Xian Heng Xintian become with Xian Heng Hotel, Shaoxing Hotel, one of the five-star hotel, and form their own unique style.

Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel Co., Ltd.
73,888 Square meters
Hotel Architecture
Huahui Architecture Division II
Zhejiang Qianjiang Cup Excellent Engineering and Consulting First Prize, 2012

Huacai Cup Gold Award, 2011

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