Shangyu North-South Central Avenue


The main road of the project starts from the north of Renmin Avenue in the South (the end point of Qunxian road phase III), crosses Kechuang island by the viaduct, and then crosses Cao'e River through the existing Wujiadu bridge and ends at the north of Jiangdong North Road. 

The viaduct is a two-way six lane highway, which adopts the standard of class I Highway (taking into account the functions of urban expressway), with a width of 27 m and a design speed of 80km/h; The ground road adopts the urban trunk road standard, which is the two-way four lane + auxiliary road, with a design speed of 60km/h. A pair of parallel ramps are set to the north of Renmin Avenue and Guihua Chuang fifth road respectively, and an interchange is set to the north of Wujiadu bridge to improve the smooth connection between the North South Central Avenue and Jiangdong North Road in all directions. The total length of the road is 3.84km, including about 2.55km of newly-built viaduct.

Shaoxing Shangyu District Transportation Bureau
3.84 Kilometers
Municipal Transportation
Huahui Transportation Municipal& Landscape Division

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