Yangjiang West Road


Yangjiang West Road is one of the main east-west road in Jinghu new district. It connects Shaoxing Zhongxing Avenue in the East and Dayue road in the west, with a total length of about 6.5 km. The reconstruction design is about Yangjiang West Road section (Zhongxing Avenu-Jiefang Avenue) , with a total length of 1.99 km. After reconstruction, the road is widened to 47-51.5 meters. Three landscape bridges are set on the road, two of which are large bridges.

The road passes through Shaoxing administrative center, science and technology center and culture center (hereinafter referred to as the "three centers") . Three underground passages are designed to connect the surrounding basements, greatly improving the utilization of underground spaces and reducing traffic accidents.

Technological innovation

In order to ensure the buried depth of the road pipeline and the elevation of the artificial river at the entrance of the administrative center, technical measures such as foam concrete backfilling, hard waterproof boards and long-distance rebar planting are adopted in the underground passages to better solve the problems of large plane elevation and longitudinal slope difference. At the same time, the international leading inclined barrier free lifting platform is used at the entrance of the pedestrian passage for the disabled, which is the first attempt in Shaoxing.

The Chenggang bridge which is on the provincial waterway 'Hangzhou-Ningbo canal' adopts the 50+80+50m variable cross-section continuous beam. Due to historical reasons, the height of the bridge body is very low. The provincial port and waterway administration requires that the widening part should be raised according to the new standard, which brings great difficulties to our design. The project team tackles the difficulties and solves this problem by adopting technical measures such as steel structure step plate, asymmetric cantilever, and extended short beam.

The garden-style integrated side flat stones are uesd, which not only have beautiful appearances, but also overcome the problem that side stones are easy to skew under the influence of plant soils, making the road line more round and smooth. Since the integrated side flat stones have no joints, the drainage is more smooth.

Economic and social benefits

Social benefit:The project optimizes the traffic flow at the 'three centers' nodes, shortens the travel time of surrounding residents and relieves the traffic pressure in the surrounding areas by improving the utilization of underground spaces and the road network structure.

Economic benefits: The project makes full use of underground spaces. According to the calculation, the connection of the three underground passages can greatly reduce the travel costs of personnel and vehicles at the three centers, reduce energy consumptions and improve the land utilization. That means strong implicit and explicit economic benefits.

Environmental benefits: With the reconstruction of road sections and the improvement of traffic facilities, the environment around Yangjiang road has been better improved. It enhances the attraction of the 'three centers' and becomes a beautiful scenery along the Meishan river.

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